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The efficient way to plan, to communicate and to manage your employee scheduling is with ChronoLogica. Check out all features included.

ChronoLogica is incredibly especially extremely easy to use.

How does it work?

By using a centralized web application, you put in common the information needed to complete a good schedule plan. The employees input their availabilities. The managers create schedules with an acurate view on who is available to fill your time slots. Users receive notifications when schedules are published, modified or when there are other important events. Here are some scenarios which can give you a better idea on how it can work for you. They are based on fictional employees and on a fictional company.

Helen plans and publishes next week's schedule.

Helen GilbertManager - Loyalty Food

Donald receives a text message on his mobile phone about his new schedule.

Donald CraigEmployee - Loyalty Food

Ashley logs back in ChronoLogica. She sees her new schedule for next week.

Ashley DarbyEmployee - Loyalty Food

Charles notices his new schedule for next week on the calendar application of his smartphone.

Charles JarrodEmployee - Loyalty Food

Lester receives an email that includes the details for his new schedule. He notices that he will not be able to attend work on Wednesday. He replies to the email mentioning his unavailability.

Lester HanfordEmployee - Loyalty Food

Helen receives Lester's message. She modifies the schedule to replace him.

Helen GilbertManager - Loyalty Food

Lester receives an email with his new corrected schedule.

Lester HanfordEmployee - Loyalty Food

Donald learns that he has an appointment with his doctor next week. He enters his unavailability in ChronoLogica.

Donald CraigEmployee - Loyalty Food

Helen plans next week's schedule. She imports last week's schedule. She immedialty notices that Donald is not available because of his doctor appointment. She replaces Donald with another employee and she publishes the schedule.

Helen GilbertManager - Loyalty Food

Our Features

Simple and efficient schedules

You and your employees will quickly be up to speed with our intuitive interface.

Connected wherever you are

With email and text message notifications, everyone is promptly informed.

Flexible classification

Whether you manage your schedules by department, by physical site or by shifts, our software is a good fit for your needs.

You can sleep well

You use your application and we take care of the rest. You will not have to manage any technical issue.

Availabilities included

Let your employees enter their own availabilities. Build your schedules with the right information.

Delegate your work

Let your managers build their own schedules while keeping the overall control.

Schedule templates

Do you have work shifts that are recurring? Create a schedule template and reuse it as often as you need.

Show your work calendar everywhere

Everyone can show its work calendar in its own software or mobile phone.

and more...

You can at any time export all your data from your application to perform in depth analysis, new visual presentations or for whatever reason you need it for. Your data belongs to you and we want them to be easily accessible.
Each user can obtain one or more permissions that will give him access to more or less features. You can easily create roles for different types of user.
You can configure the automated working time computation to include breaks. Employees can have different configurations for breaks.

We know that each customer has his own unique requirements. That is why we are also offering the possibility to customize our product and include the features that will fulfill those requirements. Contact us to get more details.


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